Quantitative Ecology Lab (Quantitative Ecology Lab 2.0 coming soon)

We are an interdisciplinary ecology research group that employs mathematical and statistical models to study how organisms interact with their environment in heterogenous spatio-temporal settings.

Lab news

David and Miguel presented at ESA in New Orleans. We had a great time listening to great science, networking, and catching up with old friends and collaborators.

The lab is moving! I am grateful of the opportunity to serve the University of Puerto Rico for the last couple of years. I has been a great honor to lead an awesome and hard-working lab group. In the fall 2018, the lab is moving to the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. Looking forward to this next stage!

Nicole and David are off to their field seasons!

Nicole is off to West-Virginia to participate in a bird banding workshop.

We congratulate Virnaliz for getting the prestigious NSF-GRF. Congratulations!

David got small grants from the Society of Study of Evolution (SSE) and the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) to help with the lost work from Hurricane Maria.