Quantitative Ecology Lab

We are an interdisciplinary ecology research group that employs mathematical and statistical models to study how organisms interact with their environment in heterogenous spatio-temporal settings.

Lab news

Virnaliz and David published a natural history note about cannibalism in Anolis gundlachi.

Nicole passed her MS qualifying exam. Congrats Nicole!

David succesfully defended his MS thesis proposal. Congrats David!

All lab members are safe after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Our lab suffered from flooding, but all data and samples are safe. We are grateful for all friends and colleagues that offered their help. ¡Vamos pa’ lante!

The lab just won an award from the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

Nicole just published a popular science article about conservation in Diálogo (http://dialogoupr.com/las-especies-se-extinguen-y-que/).